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07 Sep 2017

Participation in eCAADe 2017 Annual Conference in Italy

Paper Presentation: Multi-objective design optimization and robotic fabrication towards sustainable construction  - The example of a timber structure in actual scale
26 Apr 2017

Participation in eCAADe RIS 2017 in UK

Paper Presentation: A robotically-driven additive construction planning process using an ecological material - The introduction of 3D clay printing for large scale construction
20 Oct 2016

Participation in S2M 2016 International Conference in Portugal

Paper Presentation: Modular formwork system layout development and assembly in actual scale based on robotic technology
21 Sep 2016

Participation in MARAS 2016 International Conference in Italy

Paper Presentation: Configuration and deformation control of a hybrid cable bending-active structure.
22 Aug 2016

Participation in eCAADe 2016 Annual Conference in Finland

Paper Presentation: Optimization Process Towards Robotic Manufacturing in Actual Scale - The Implementation of Genetic Algorithms in the Robotic Construction of Modular Formwork Systems
19 May 2016

Participation in eCAADe 2016 International Regional Workshop in Servia

Paper Presentation: Development of physical control and virtual navigation mechanisms to enhance active collaboration between architects and clients in a reactive digital space