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08 Jul 2018

Fabritopia 2018

Fabritopia 2018 
Students and Young Architects Summer Workshop 2018 
22 May 2018

eCAADe Regional International Symposium 2018 in Cyprus

Sustainable Computational Workflows
Computational Design and Fabrication towards Sustainable Products and Processes
07 Sep 2017

Participation in eCAADe 2017 Annual Conference in Italy

Paper Presentation: Multi-objective design optimization and robotic fabrication towards sustainable construction  - The example of a timber structure in actual scale
26 Apr 2017

Participation in eCAADe RIS 2017 in UK

Paper Presentation: A robotically-driven additive construction planning process using an ecological material - The introduction of 3D clay printing for large scale construction
20 Oct 2016

Participation in S2M 2016 International Conference in Portugal

Paper Presentation: Modular formwork system layout development and assembly in actual scale based on robotic technology
21 Sep 2016

Participation in MARAS 2016 International Conference in Italy

Paper Presentation: Configuration and deformation control of a hybrid cable bending-active structure.
22 Aug 2016

Participation in eCAADe 2016 Annual Conference in Finland

Paper Presentation: Optimization Process Towards Robotic Manufacturing in Actual Scale - The Implementation of Genetic Algorithms in the Robotic Construction of Modular Formwork Systems
19 May 2016

Participation in eCAADe 2016 International Regional Workshop in Servia

Paper Presentation: Development of physical control and virtual navigation mechanisms to enhance active collaboration between architects and clients in a reactive digital space