d2AP Lab

Digital Developments in Architecture and Prototyping – d2AP Lab

The research laboratory for Digital Developments in Architecture and Prototyping – d2AP aims to explore digital strategies in the design and construction of complex, non-standard, three-dimensional architectural systems towards sustainable growth. Specifically, it focuses on the development of integrative computational design and fabrication mechanisms introduced in research towards exploration and multi-objective analysis of architectural design and construction systems according to sustainability criteria.   

Directions of investigation include:
  • Computational design and digital fabrication
  • Robots in sustainable construction
  • Additive manufacturing 
  • Architectural multi-objective analysis 
  • Pedestrian movement behavior modeling and circulation design
  • Adaptation and interaction in architectural systems 
  • Theory of design process and the use of computers

Robotic Construction Laboratory

The Robotic Construction research laboratory is engaged in the development of innovative solutions for sustainable construction using robotic principles. In order to achieve this, new construction methodologies, materials and automations are investigated. Specifically, the Lab implements techniques in the field of computational design and multi-objective analysis for the construction of complex, non-standard design solutions aiming to introduce and achieve active involvement of robots in the manufacturing process. Currently, the research in this direction addresses complex construction issues in order to ensure accuracy and reduction of manufacturing defects as well as to achieve flexibility, economy and ecology of the material used. The laboratory is equipped with a 6-axis ABB IRB 2600 industrial robot. 


Robot: ABB IRB 2600
Robot controller: IRC5 
Reach: 1.65m
Payload: 20 Kg

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