ARH – 522 Fall 2015

ARH - 522 Advanced Computer-Aided Design Topics

Fall 2015

Postgraduate course that focuses on advanced digital design and fabrication processes (CAD/CAM) and particularly on the development of advanced computational mechanisms that can be applied in complex, non-standard spatial and structural design research. Topics include generative design, adaptive process, interactive design, and optimization processes. Specialized technical skills of algorithmic design and physical computing (Robotics) are provided. Software and plug-ins include: Rhino/Grasshopper, Firefly, gHowl, Processing, Arduino.

Course Content
  • Computational Mechanisms in Design and Fabrication
  • Algorithms in Design
  • Physical Computing
  •  Fox, M. and Kemp, M., 2009. Interactive architecture. New York: Princeton Architectural Press.
  • Iwamoto, L., 2009. Digital Fabrications: Architectural and Material Techniques. New York: Princeton Architectural Press.
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  • Terzidis, K., 2006. Algorithmic architecture. Oxford: Architectural Press.
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